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    Posted on September 23, 2016 by in sg

    First Impression of a Singapore Weight Loss Management Clinic

    Normally, being a Singaporean, you would think that companies that deal with weight loss programs in our country would come clean with what packages they have and how they go about their slimming programs with you. But alas, no!

    With so much “before” and “after” pictures of models and “real” girls and women advertising on weight loss programs, and so much so-called discounts on their first visits to such clinics that many innocent young and old, obese fat girls or girls with an obsession on their body shape flock to these clinics for a dream to finally lose their weight forever! Or is it?

    Recently, an 85 year old woman filed a lawsuit over a Singapore weight management company that charged her a total of $400,000 on her slimming package! Click the above link.

    Truth is, as I was an employee long ago from one of those lose-weight Singapore salons, dealing with their web marketing aspects, I was indeed shocked that much of their before and after effects of people actually slimming comes from the famous photoshop software!

    This made me lose my respect for these so-called Singapore weight loss clinics and after 2 months I left as I could not come to terms with their principles. Sad.

    So the question comes – How much trust can we put in these commercial weight loss entities?

    I leave that to your imagination. Peace.


    And may your slimming dreams come true.

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