• Will You Lose Weight Successfully If Someone Inspires You?

    Posted on September 11, 2016 by in How To Lose Weight-Secrets

    Inspiration of Love: Secret to Lose Weight

    Easy enough. But can you think of someone who will inspire you to do so? That is the question.

    inspiration-to-lose-weight-if-you-love-someoneRecently watched an old Korean comedy about how a fat ugly lady fell in love with a handsome successful man but could not tell him so.

    In order to look good in his eyes physically, she decided to pursue her dream of weight loss through surgery and intensive weight loss regime.

    The point that I am trying to make here is that to be successful in weight loss forever, the person in question cannot just fathom losing weight and start taking diet pills and some exercise sessions and dream that she will be a hot looking model after several months.

    To be successful in slimming down, one has to be very determined, focused, inspired, and planned.

    Inspired behaviour is the best bet for one to lose weight and maintain that weight. But inspiration needs a huge amount of emotional and mental change to acquire and these states of the heart and mind do not come easily.

    But inspiration makes us want to do something. It moves our emotions, our intellect, our behavior. We need to be cajoled to feel loved, to deeply care for someone other than ourselves, to better ourselves. This in itself is a healthy state of mind that the body needs to achieve a good looking figure.

    So remember ~ Be Inspired to Lose Weight Successfully.

    So maybe there’s someone out there, that special someone, that you really cared and love, a person that leaves you feeling warm in your heart and a sweet lingering of honey in your mouth every time he is around you.

    Sealed that feeling now. Intensified it. Focus on it. Tell yourself that you are going to slim down to a hot looking model just for him! Plan little things you are going to do daily to slim down. Plan bigger actions in intermediate months to come. Plan the final outcome after a year or two, that you will succeed losing a specific weight and specific overall body size to look like that hot looking model!

    And unleash that beauty when you are good and ready!

    Be inspired.

    And inspire others.

    Our world could definitely use a bit more of inspiration.


    May Your Slimming Dreams Come True.

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    Here’s the movie to watch to get you going… its funny and very heart warming at the end. There’s English subtitles, so no excuse to miss it. You’ll thank me after the show is over, I promise!

    And they live happily ever after…


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