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    the best way to lose weight,weight_loss_enhancers,blue_dinning_tableDid you know?

    1st ~  The best way to lose weight fast

    You can use various colors to enhance or REMOVE hunger pangs? What? Yes, by putting the color blue into your dinning table set at home and blue chairs and maybe everything else in the dinning room blue too! This is the best way to lose weight! Researchers have found that the color blue is an appetite suppressant. Perhaps you should doll up in blue too! Or maybe get a blue table cloth if that is more practical! Blue, blue, my world is blue

    Now you understand why our restaurants and cafes and dinning outlets have red and bright decor in their furniture! It is to enhance the appetites of its customers! the_best_way_to_lose_weight,blue,weight loss enhancers,blue rose

    The Best Way To Lose Weight | Weight Loss Enhancers to Lose Weight Quick!

    2nd ~ The best way to lose weight Clean out the garbage in your cupboard! Your oversized clothing are a “slacker” suppressant to prevent you from losing weight! When you deliberately throw away or give away your oversized clothing, you are challenging yourself and telling yourself that you want to stay thin and there are no “but’s”. This enhances your motivation to succeed in your quest to conquer your weight loss regime!

    Furthermore, if you do gain weight again, you’ll have to buy those bigger sized clothes and it will therefore, cost you! So definitely you want to stay slim and pretty, don’t you? This ultimate deterrent is the best way to lose weight and is one of those weight loss enhancers you want to use!

    3rd ~ The best way to lose weight quick Try out with smaller sized dinning sets for your plates and cups and bowls. This is purposely done to create a small world effect. This effect psychologically tells you to eat less, you unconsciously becomes full faster, and hence you start taking smaller portions!

    Do you notice that Asian cultures have smaller portion meals as compared to Western cultures? For the same beef steak, you will find the Asian counterpart in an Asian country is actually taking a smaller piece and when Asian people visits their Western friends, they find that the portions are much bigger? Why is that so? Coincidence? I think not!

    Serve up a salad platter or put those fresh produce of vegetables and fruits as part of your meals every day.

     4th ~ The best way to lose weight diet plans Studies have shown that having a fresh produce consisting of tomatoes, soups, cucumbers, lettuce, cut apples, celery, etc. literally reduces your calories intake. These fresh vegetables and fruits contain alot of water, and are a great form of fiber which incidently makes one’s stomach full easily. How easy was that to solve your weight loss question!

    Not only that, when you eat outside, chances are, you do not have control over your portions and dinning habits. So therefore, whenever possible, have your meals at home and cook a healthy and hearty meal that is good to eat! Outside restaurants want to make money and definitely wants you to spoil yourself by indulging in food dishes after dishes! Avoid them as much as possible!

    Furthermore you will only end up spending your dollars! Why do that?

    5th ~ The best way to lose weight naturallyWhen snacking, reduce your snacks by one item less. This action reduces your overall snacking habit. By the end of the month, you would have stop snacking altogether!

    6th ~ The best way to lose weight for menAvoid refined foods. Try going whole grain instead.

    7th ~ The best way to lose weight in 2 weeksConsume cereal as your breakfast every day of your life! Research found that people who do so, actually are far less likely to turn obese! But beware of those cereals that are coated with sugar! Try taking whole grains and fruits instead! Milk also provides calcium which is good for your bones!

    8th ~ The best way to lose weight and tone upAvoid food prepared that lists sugar, fructose or corn syrup as their initial ingredients on their labels. Find a low sugar equivalent match instead.

    9th ~ The quickest way to lose weightEat only when your stomach is calling. The main problem with many of us is that we have timing breaks for snacks and meal times. This creates an artificial “hunger pang” to the brain and confuses our stomach to eat. Not good!

    10th ~  The fastest way to lose weightIntroduce hot and spicy sauces, and dishes. These hot stuff suppress your hunger pangs and also makes you drink water more! Not only are these foods good to eat, they actually reduces your portions inevitably!

    Put yourself into a positive trance! State your end goal of what you want to become! Put a picture of a beautiful model or celebrity and REALLY view her as yourself! Tell yourself you are that perfect body! Do not tell yourself “How to slim down fast ” but instead focus on the happy wonderful, slim down you! FEEL GOOD! ALWAYS!

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