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    It seems everyone wants to lose weight and everyone is investing his or her money and time and much effort to lose weight and still fail. Even if dieters do learn how to lose weight, for the little that they had lost successfully in any weight loss regime or programs, they will regain many pounds or kilos more after the dieting program is over! How would people be able to lose weight in Singapore effectively?



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    In our urban lifestyle, thousands of health conscious women and men tend to join health clubs and fitness centers to tell themselves they are doing the right thing to lose weight. But moreover than not, after a year of membership, they would quit as they do not find themselves going to the clubs or gyms as frequently as they should. It all boils down to their impulse and panic woes of getting fat due to the foods that are available in cities and busy towns and 24-hour joints. Many more buy exercise machines and treadmills and strange gadgets that are advertised by the various fitness and health companies that are looking to make good money by giving these get-slim obsessed  fanatics, a go for their money!

    The main problem with all these guises to fool the poor soul to slimming down permanently, is that the success with which all programs or machines or diets that can really help 100%, still relies whether or not the person wanting to lose weight forever is willing to go that extra mile to do it and to do it right.

    What do I mean?

    How to Lose Weight Fast and Effectively – The Critical Action Cycle

    First and foremost, before you embark on any weight loss programs or diet plan to lose weight, you need to see that to lose that weight forever and not gain it back many pounds more, has to be that the weight loss diet plan has to become YOUR lifestyle FOREVER! So if you are going to eat carrots and apples and tomatoes for all your 3 main meals everyday, make sure that it will be like that for the rest of your life!

    See the problem now?

    Losing weight is the hard part – cause it dictates that you do not overeat as you would normally do.

    Losing weight FOREVER is the hardest part, if not it is the IMPOSSIBLE part if you do not understand what you are trying to do in the first place!

    To create a healthy lifestyle, you have to LOVE the healthy foods that you eat. You have to come to terms with yourself that what you are going to do to lose that 20 kilograms or 45 kilograms of extra mass is going to be EASY and not difficult! When you are able to do that, then the weight loss lifestyle that you are going to partake will become YOU!

    See what I mean in my first post titled The Secret – How to lose weight.

    If you cannot build a healthy lifestyle to suit you and still try to lose weight with any dieting plans or programs, you will find that you will end up with binge eating disorders or as Wikipedia classified it as ‘disordered eating’. See How to lose weight in Wikipedia.

    The first and most crucial part in any slim fit diet regime weight loss program is that you must have a guide or mentor. The guide will show you exactly what to do and how to go about it in your weight loss goals. The mentor usually is a fitness trainer cum health food cooking instructor, who will guide you to a proper diet plan and daily breakdown of exercise and healthy meals.

    After that, you need an on-going plan to maintain that healthy lifestyle. To do so, you cannot think in terms of maintaining that healthy lifestyle, but to think of experiencing a brand new YOU lifestyle! To see how a beautiful perfect body of yours would feel everyday and in the eyes of men! Of course for men it would be in the eyes of women! Or perhaps in that woman whom you so want to woo?

    Exercises have to come naturally and into your busy schedule. It has to be deliberate and not just taking that flight of steps everyday excuse will do. The most crucial is to have your yummy foods that you want to eat like hotdogs and burgers and slacks of beef and chicken and fried chicken and deserts! These foods can be your reward when you have successfully done each week of dieting plan for example.

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