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    Be Happy, and stress will evaporate! This is the answer to how to lose weight effectively!

    Often when you read about “How to lose weight” diet plans and techniques, the advertiser shows it so simple and easy! Just do these 3 minute “how to exercise to lose weight” routines and follow these delicious food recipes that gives tips on how to eat to lose weight. And you are going to lose 10 kg? Are you kidding?

    And maybe you did follow those dieting plans to the tee, and yet you still can’t seem to get that weight off you? How is that? First of all, it could be your medication from your doctor that is affecting your dieting plan, or it could be your lack of sleep that is giving you a weak body to cope with those exercises and lack of foods that you normally took!

    The worst, it could be stress.

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    With reference to “rushing woman’s syndrome” and “accidentally overweight” books by Dr Libby Weaver, living with low grade stress constantly can cause the release of an unwanted element in your body known as “hormone cortisol”.

    This cortisol is a steroid and is secreted from the adrenal glands, which sit just above your kidneys. This hormone element regulates your body, and uses the various fuel sources and is essential for recouping energy following stress. Normal cortisol levels follow a 24-hour rhythm. At night it is the lowest and increases in the morning and subside again in the night.

    Being rhythmic, a normal cortisol level has ups and downs and is keeping balance to give both stress and relaxation responses to sustaining a healthy body.

    The problem with our urban world today, we tend to get ALOT of STRESS, and I mean ALOT!

    Emotional fatigue, physical fatigue, too much exercise with too little sleep, illnesses, viruses, injuries, hunger due to dieting, or the reverse of over-eating, eating unhealthy foods, depression and so forth if you catch my drift.

    Hence, stress-out people tend to get illnesses as shown from scientific and medical research and they are : ~

    • Obesity
    • Heart Disease
    • Alzheimer’s Disease
    • Diabetes
    • Depression
    • Osteoporosis
    • Chronic Fatigue

    Often than not, stress is a result of having too many to-do list. And trying to multitask all the jobs at once in a day. By breaking down the jobs through better planning ahead, you will find that you will have more ample time to finish all the jobs in the end!

    The next problem with stress, is that it will make you crave for food! How to lose weight quick if we are craving for food all day long? This is something you do not want, as you are dieting! Further to that, because you are over-stressed, your mistakes are much higher than normal and this is again a cause for concern.

    How To Lose Weight | Simple De-stress Formula – That’s The Key!

    So for starters, create time.

    For example, take a longer time to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t multitask as you eat. Instead, just sit up and chew your food and notice what you are chewing! What is likely to happen is that you are going to feel more energetic.

    Meditate. Do nothing.

    Take time out during your busy work schedule to get a 5 to 10 minute refresher by yourself. Either in your office or in the bathroom or in the park if you can get away from the busy streets. If you need, just put up your ear-phones with any nice music that you like and sit in the Starbucks or Coffee Bean outlets sipping your favorite mocha or latte. Anything that pleases you. Empty your mind and make yourself “AWARE”. What are you asking yourself now? Seize that moment and focus on that thought. Make sure it is a good thought! So how to lose weight fast and effectively when you are stressed? Just close your eyes for 10 minutes meditation in the morning, noon and night, and think of that perfect beautiful body of yours and as you walk down the streets picture how the men are lusting for your gorgeous body and how you are enjoying every bit of this fabulous visualization! And you will surely de-stress and make your perfect body come true. Period.

    Breathe slowly and Deliberately.


    It’s time to de-stress and get your Action Diet Plan Now!

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