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    Science Based Facts about Bottom Slim Thighs

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    The truth about having a bottomslim look is not to concentrate on that alone. Not the thighs or hips or legs. It is to get your overall body fat to decrease. Then you will have a proper model hot body that you so crave about!

    Weight Management Companies out there have plenty of ways to make you lose weight fast. Be it your tummy or thighs and hips, these ways are successful and cost alot of money to the $10,000 packages for some too.

    But at the end of the day, they only make you go hungry again and feeling tempted to eat those delicious foods again and bloat up twice!

    If your willpower is swallow and weak, these yummy delicious foods will in time devour you again!



    So here’s the plan:

    • Reduce your Sugar intake. got it? Removing sugar from your diet is the single most crucial step to completely improving your health. The rule of thumb is, “If it tastes REAL good, beware!” Check the label for fake sugar exclusion; substitutes of sugar are actually worse than raw sugars with side effects to your overall health. Over time, if you keep having¬† high sugar foods, it will lead to lower metabolic rate, diabetes, and of course, cancer. So? Give up sugary drinks. Yes, any soft drinks. Even healthy herbal canned drinks. If the drink comes from all natural ingredients, and is not canned, it’s likely to hold true of its fresh ingredients. Even fruit juices are not 100% sugar free. So read the label for any sugar added into the packaging. Also, don’t forget to toss the sports energy drinks aside and make for the beeline to the water fountain! Sports drinks and energy drinks are all sugar based, with artificial sweeteners and additives that the human body do not need!
    • Reduce your Carbo intake. got it? Cut out bread and pasteries. So forget the sandwiches, bread baskets and breakfast entrees! Cut out crackers, swap your bread with a big lefty lettuce, and put your chicken in! Add pepper and other spices for flavour. How about grabbing a cup of yogurt for breakfast instead? Reducing your carbohydrates quickly reduces the amount of calories you are consuming daily. and this forces your body to burn fat (hooray!), which is stored in your midsection.
    • Eat your Protein, fat, and vegetables. got it? Each meal should consist of a protein source, a fat source, and a vegetable source. Proteins include beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, salmon, trout, shrimps, eggs (omega-3 enriched or pastured types are the best. These boost your metabolism by 80 to 110 calories per day! Great protein diets also reduce food cravings by about 50%! Reduces the overall desire to eat supper! You can reduce about 450 calories per day if you follow this! Oh, before I forgot, eat low carb vegetables like cauliflower, spinach, kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce (my favorite!), cucumber and celery. Finally, your fat sources include olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, butter, etc.
    • Lift Weight. got it? When you lift weights through a full body weight strengthing programme, you actually burn out more calories and increase your metabolism, instead of losing metabolism which is a result of losing weight side effect. Combined with your protein and no sugar and carbs diet, your body will burn out your bottom and you will slim down in no time! If you can’t get a trainer for your weight slimming programme, then use aerobic exercises like light to intense aerobics or zumba, jogging, and the best is still swimming.
    • You can Eat on a “OFF” day once a week. got it? I don’t have to explain this to you, right?! But moderation still, ok?
    • Look at yourself in the mirror everyday! got it? You are actually looking whether you are slimming down or still looking the same. When you can actually see a difference, you know you have succeeded in reducing your weight and fats. If there’s no difference, then you need to recap what you are doing in terms of eating habits and whether you are exercising enough.

    May Your Slimming Dreams Come True.

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