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    In order for you to successfully conquer that weight loss dilemma that has been clouding your thoughts now and again, you have to literally paint your life to see that perfect body you so dreamed about. This is the answer to “How to lose Weight!”

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    Before you paint your life to what you really want to be and to have that beautiful body of yours, there is one thing you really need to do right now –

    ~ You need to love yourself ~

    This is not conceit. This is to have a healthy respect for yourself so that you can also love others.


    “You are the only one who creates your reality.”

    The book of The Secret


    “What you resist, Persist.” When you can’t see eye to eye with what you can have and can achieve, you will only draw more of the negative energies that is already looming around your head about how fat you are and how impossible it is to lose that weight of yours.

    “When the voice from inside becomes more clear and profound, than the opinions from the outside,


    Dr John F. Demartini

    “I believe that you are great, that there’s something magnificent about you.
    Regardless of how young or old you think you might be.

    The moment you begin to “think properly”,
    this something that’s within you,
    this power within you that’s greater than the world,
    it will begin to emerge.
    It will take over your life.
    It will feed you.
    It will clothe you, It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence.

    If you let it.

    Now, that is what I know, for sure.”


    Michael Bernard Beckwith

    Let me explain why our thoughts are so powerful. This is very important. If you can’t even bring forth this first thought, to believe that you are so worthy of getting that slim body of yours and that you own it forever, then nothing that you do on how to lose weight or diet programs that you try and try to slim down will ever be totally successful.

    Here’s the explanation ~

    The One Universal Mind

    Dr John Hagelin from the book of The Secret:

    That the Universe essentially emerges from thought and all of this matter around us is just precipitated thought.
    Ultimately we are the source of the Universe, and when we understand that power directly by experience,
    we can start to exercise our authority and begin to achieve more and more.

    Create anything.”


    How do you draw from it? Through your AWARENESS.
    Your wonderful imagination brings its existence. Look around your life and around you.
    Look for needs waiting to be fulfilled! What if we had an invention to do it? Imagine that and think of fulfilling that need with your invention and bring it into existence! You don’t have to work out the discovery or the invention itself. The supreme mind will do that. All you need to do right now is to hold your mind to the END RESULT! And imagine the need fulfilled!
    And that you called it into being. So the same goes for that perfect body of yours that you are so desperately longing for. Just focus on that and don’t ask “HOW”. The Universe will guide you into the “how”.  Use your heart to believe it and it will show you the plan to achieve your goal of losing weight successfully.


    “As you ask and feel and believe, you will receive.”


    “There is an unlimited supply of ideas waiting for you to tap into and bring forth. You hold everything in your consciousness.”

    The book of The Secret



    “The law of attraction is the greatest and the most infallible law upon which the entire system of CREATION depends.”

    Charles Haanel
    Year 1912


    The other day, my little toddler of approaching 2 years and so, still a baby, brought me a Barney’s surprise coloring book. It shows the various colors like purple, blue, red, yellow, green, orange. I showed him the items in co-relation to those colors. And then it hit upon me –

    My son understood that the world within his own, is the one that he decides to paint it and color it with! How crazy is that?! For a 2 year old to appreciate this is heavenly and beyond, because of his pure, simple mind, heart and soul.
    So whatever colors or future endeavors that you want to have or become, use a mind and heart and soul as simple as you can fathom and forget all the worries and environmental woes that you belong to and imagine that picture of perfect beauty that you want to become and RELEASE IT into the Universe! You literally have to color and paint it, and it becomes yours, and it becomes a REALITY. This is the real cure for How To Lose Weight Forever!


    Color Your World. Own it. Enjoy in it.”


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