• Insomnia Affects Your Weight!

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    insomnia,sleep-deprivation,weight lossLooking at wiki’s explanation on sleep deprivation or if you are having insomnia,  it can actually lead to weight gain!

    See Wiki at sleep deprivation ;  insomnia.

    Insomnia vs Weight Loss

    Weight loss is affected by how much you sleep in a day. So if you are having insomnia, sleep deprivation, sleep apnea and any other sleep disorders, you might actually be on the obese side of the fence!

    As wild as it sounds, there is medical evidence suggesting links between sleep and weight. Your quality of sleep and quantity of it is tied up with your hormonal activity to your appetite!

    Research has shown that the hormones consisting of the leptin and ghrelin can actually influence our appetites! From studies concluded, the production of both hormones may be influenced by how much or how little we sleep!

    Come to think of it, have you ever experienced a sleepless night followed by a full day where no matter what you ate and ate, you will never seem satisfied? This is due to the workings of hormones leptin and ghrelin in action!

    From the study published in the ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’, researchers determined that 4 nights of sleep deprivation reduced insulin sensitivity in fat cells by a whopping 30 percent. And the less sensitive your cells are to insulin, the less your body produces the hunger-regulating hormone leptin.”

    “A 30 percent reduction in insulin sensitivity is equivalent to metabolically aging the subjects 10-20 years just from four nights of four and a half hours of sleep!” Excerpts from women’s health magazine on insomnia.

    Because sleep deprivation affect fat cells such that they become less sensitive to insulin, which is a hormone that cells use to take in glucose for energy. Insulin-stimulated glucose is proportional to the production of leptin, a hormone made in the fat cell that regulates hunger. The less sensitive cells are to insulin, the less leptin they produce, and the more hungry a person becomes.

    How Leptin and Ghrelin Hormones Affect Insomnia

    Leptin and Ghrelin are checks to hunger and fullness. Ghrelin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract, and stimulates appetite, and leptin is produced in the fat cells and sends signal to the brain when it is full.

    therefore, when you experienced insomnia, your system drives down leptin levels and you do not feel as satisfied after a meal! Worse, at this very moment, your ghrelin levels rise due to sleep deprivation, and this means your appetite is stimulated and you want more food!

    The two combined is very potent for overeating effects and weight gain is the result!

    How to Get Sleep! 4 Wonderful Ways to Get Quality Sleep.

    First of, getting into a habit of early sleep. When you do that, chances of you sleeping longer is increased many times. Sounds easy?

    Well, you can start by –

    Creating a routine for bedtime.

    Fix a time and sleep early if possible and just do it! whether it is on weekends, follow this time frame for bedtime to the key. Set a wake up time too. Now you are all set for a regular sleeping schedule!

    Turn electronic gadgets off!

    Turn off all your electronic gadgets because the blue light from these gadgets can suppress the sleep hormone melatonin. Do you feel dazed ? looking at this blue light? Like a zombie? Keep your body cool. Why? As a cooled down body is able to sleep better.

    No alcohol or caffeine please!

    Alcohol can cause a person to wake up prematurely, and reliance on it is bad for your health. Instead of caffeine, sip a decaf  coffee or tea instead to calm down if you really need. How about a glass of milk?

    Repeated Noise Hypnotism Method

    Remember a cicada with its creaking sound makes one drowsy due to the fact that it blocks out other noises and that concentration point focus one’s brain to the point of drowsiness!  So now you also know why you sleep watching boring television! Instead, get a sound sleep machine or a turning fan to do the same trick. This usually cures insomnia. Or read a book to create this hypnotism.

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