• I Want To Lose Weight. How?

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    I Want to Lose Weight. How to lose weight?

    These questions are the basics of what everyone asks all the time about weight loss. The problem with these questions of “I want to lose weight“, and ” How to lose weight“,  is that we forgot that the basics of weight loss lies in a healthy lifestyle and not in the weight loss issue. When we start addressing this issue, can we really tackle the weight loss success with confidence! i want to lose weight,how to lose weight

    So what is a healthy lifestyle?

    To have a healthy lifestyle means ~

    Eating healthy.

    This includes all the fruits and vegetables and whole grains. If you are consuming meats, go lean and low-fat foods as much as you can. Reduce sugar, fat, salt and fast foods. Moderation is the key to indulging good foods and desserts.

    Exercise Some.Create space for physical exercises and routines. Like a simple walk back home is a gradual form of exercise already! The aim is to increase your metabolic rate and use up your calories as much as you can in a day to day basis.

    Stop Smoking.

    Minimize Alcohol drinking. 1 drink per day for women at most.

    Stress Management.

    For the topic on stress vs weight gain, go to stress vs weight gain blog.

    The First and Foremost is to change one’s thinking on weight loss.

    Instead of comparing to others, try to view it as a what you will look like when you are thin!

    Pay attention to your hunger pangs. Eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Stop thinking about dieting altogether. Decide that you are improving your health.

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