• How to lose weight with meditation?

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    So Here’s Another Way to Lose Weight | Meditation Techniques


    If you had enough awareness, and you indeed know where and how you could direct that awareness so that they would become a choice instead of a reaction to that situation which you are in.


    What would it be like if your feelings and other internal states were a choice that you can control?

    Strangely enough, sometimes being in grief is helpful towards getting oneself to move on again. But what if the controls of feeling bad, urge to eat more, the lack of feeling alive, or to sit on the couch instead of exercise is a matter of choice and not automatic response of the brain?

    With more awareness of oneself, your ability to take action towards achieving your goal would be an easy choice without self-doubting yourself or self-sabotaging your thought process.


    The World of Flow State of Mind

    Have you ever had a period of totally absorbed in a state of mind at what you are doing, enjoying every moment of the present environment, and everything within you and around you is at ease? …and you could do it for hours. Time flew and you were so in it, nothing else matters.

    If you have, great! You just mastered your flow state!

    This is actually a flow state of your mind, and the activity itself, becomes the only necessary motivation to get the “job” done.

    Your Ego falls away.

    Time flies.

    Your whole being gets involved in the “project” that you are doing, and you are executing your skills at the utmost level of inspiration!


    So how can we achieve this state of flow in our minds to achieve the ease of losing weight?

    Here’s the how…

    One Secret Technique to Lose Weight through Meditation

    When you want laser focused goal getting actions to achieve your dream of losing weight forever, you need to meditate religiously every day!

    And how to meditate?

    Here are the steps to a simple but powerful meditation technique for the successful weight loss of you!

    • Find a quiet place every day for 10 full minutes.
    • Relax.
    • Clear your mind.
    • Focus on a Preferred slim body (a model maybe ).
    • Change that person’s face to your face.
    • See yourself walking, jogging, chatting with friends and other enjoyable things that you do in your daily life with that body.
    • Relax.

    If you can do it religiously for just one month, the image of your ideal self popping into your mind consistently will slowly but surely reinforce your determination to lose weight.

    Continue to use this technique every day. It is only 10 minutes of your daily time.

    This is just one of a very powerful and yet simple way of meditation for slimming down to the weight that you crave for.


    If you need some reference to a hot looking model, here are some slim babes you can use to substitute with your face and meditate of it..

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    Cheers to your dream of slimming down.

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