• What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight Forever?

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    Exercises to Reduce Fat

    To get a fabulous body, perform these exercises slowly and in a controlled motion. Always hold your most challenging position briefly and not too long so that it does not strain your body. Progress your exercises with weights and dumbbells or use small heavy bottles like milk bottles or juice bottles but be careful with them. In the beginning, work slowly and use less repetitions instead of going for the full blast. Increase your repetitions as days go on and increase your weights. Always keep your body straight and pull in your belly inwards towards your spine. This is a posture to ease your lower back.

    Best Exercise to Lose Weight

    I wouldn’t say lunges are the best exercise to lose weight, but it certainly helps in the lower body contouring and overall weight loss in a short period of time. Note that when doing this exercise to lose weight, do not step out too far. Longer lunges targets on the glutes and back of thighs. Shorter lunge targets on the front of thighs.

    Here’s wiki’s take on physical exercises – Best exercise to lose weight

    See the photo for a variation of lunge – jumping lunges. It is fun and easier!

    exercises to lose weight,jumping lunges,best exercise to lose weightWhile bending your right knee, your thigh should be in 90 degrees to the ground. Lower your left knee as shown in “A” in the photo on the left. Do not let the left knee touch the ground. Your right knee should not protrude passed your toes. Pause briefly. Rise and retract to the standing position. Repeat the same for the other leg as shown in “C” in the photo.

    Inhale when you are stepping forward or jumping forward. Exhale when you are retracting or coming back to the first position.

    Also, if you are sick or suffering from physical issues, consult your doctor before performing any exercises. Remember to keep your lower back straight. And also to keep your posture vertical and not slanting to one side which will put pressure on your back.

    Increase your reps by first starting with 3 sets of 20 lunges with a 3 minute break. Do this 2 times a week. After a month, increase to 5 reps with 20 lunges and 3 times a week. Each exercise would only take up to 20 to 30 mins max.

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    So what do you think are the best exercises to lose weight?

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