• Lose Baby Weight | What Post Pregnancy Exercises Is Right?

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    lose_baby_weight,post_pregnancy_exercises,Exercises-to-reduce-fatYour baby’s arrival to this world is the most beautiful thing in the world! But motherhood is one hectic hell of a ride! But, wait! Taking time out to exercise is so very important to a woman’s well being. It not only builds you a slimmer body, but also uplifts both body and mind!

    So what exercises to lose baby weight after the birth of your precious baby?

    Lose Baby Weight | What Post Pregnancy Exercises Is The Right Kind To Do?

    But what exercise is the right exercise? The right post natal exercise has abundant physical and emotional benefits but, too much too soon can lead to regrets. It is vital to let your body recover from pregnancy and delivery and progress your workouts gradually and wisely.

    Your pregnancy activity levels, labour and delivery are just a few of the individual considerations involved in determining a safe, sensible pot natal fitness plan.  Always workout in a progressive format so that you do not stress your body.

    For the 1st couple of weeks..

    The first few weeks are for recovery and resting. Put up your legs on the couch and rest, rest, rest!

    After that, walking around for short periods is enough.

    2 months down..

    Create a foundation for your pelvic floor and core muscles. This is imperative for bladder and bowel control. These muscles also work with the deep abdominal and back (core) muscles  to help support and stabilize your spine.

    It is no surprise that these muscle groups have been stretched and weakened during pregnancy and delivery.  It is important that you attend to the recovery and control of these muscles before progressing your exercise routine and that they are always strong enough to support any exercise you are performing.

    See this short youtube for more info. Lose Baby Weight with Post Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Strengthening Exercises.


    Lose Baby Weight? Do your Pelvic Floor Exercises!~

    Problems with bladder or bowel control relating to weakened and stretched Pelvic Floor muscles are not unusual after having a baby, but there is plenty you can do to improve their strength and function and decrease the risk of short or long term incontinence.

    Doing the right exercises will help your pelvic core muscles, whilst doing other moves too soon or too much may overload the muscles and make you more vulnerable to incontinence, prolapse or back pain.

    Decrease intensity or stop your exercises if you notice the following signs :~

    • Straining or Bearing down
    • Leakage / loss of control
    • Heaviness or pressure
    • Loss of awareness / inability to engage the muscles

    Great tips for a healthy pelvic core floor workout :~

    • Perform quality pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises three times per day.
    • Avoid any exercise or activity that strains your pelvic floor.
    • Include pelvic floor routine in your other exercise routines.

    Here’s more great tips on how to lose baby weight from WebMD.

    Taking care of your back.

    A new mom’s life with a baby toddler is always stressful for the back and neck. Playing with your baby, bathing your baby or feeding and breastfeeding is stressful for your body and back. Here are some tips to get you into shape.

    • Frequently lengthen your spine and roll your shoulders up, back and down.
    • Check your posture regularly and  avoid rounding  your neck and back, especially when breastfeeding.
    • Include neck and shoulder mobility, upper back strengthening and stretches that elongate the muscles at the front of your chest and shoulders to combat any tendency towards slouching.

    Here’s a great back exercise..

    Post pregnancy exercises for the back.

    So how much exercise is too much to lose that baby weight?

    You should be able to talk throughout your workout. Your movements should be smooth. Your breathing, shaking and over straining of your muscles are signs you should stop and rest.
    If you have continued pain, please seek a woman’s doctor or your Obstetrician or Gynaecologist for specialist post pregnancy care.

    Always listen to your body, and include rest and relaxation into your workout plan. Enjoy healthy foods and fruits and drinks. Have plenty of water and fresh air.

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