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    Lose Baby Weight Challenge

    The arrival of a new born baby is the happiest and perhaps the most precious and wonderful moments of a couple’s life. But on the other hand, it is at times overwhelming! Taking the time to exercise and breathe can really do a woman much health benefits.

    But what about the foods that you can eat again? The problem with post pregnancy syndrome of women at large, is that because being pregnant means you can only consume good healthy foods to help your baby grow better and healthy in your tummy, so therefore after birth means you can consume ANYTHING again! STOP! How are you going to lose that baby weight of yours then?

    Lose Your Baby Weight Using Foods to Suit Your Mood

    The problem with many diet programs and plans is that you have to have the same meal day in and night out. The enjoyment of eating is lost. Why not match what you eat with the occasion of the day or your mood? Wouldn’t that be great?

    Right now, we have suggestions to help you have healthy meals yet enjoying yourselves while you are trying to lose baby weight fast.

    Having that BIG meal.

    Soup! Soup is a fantastic choice here and it has lots of nutrition and yet is low in calories! Indulge in your soup, guilt free! Try tomato abc soup, minestrone soup, chicken soup, many of the Chinese herbal soups are wonderful for nutrition without packing calories.

    Hurry, hurry, time to go!

    Need to rush off? Why not pack some sushi rolls? The simple rice fare is healthy and yet fills your stomach up very quickly!

    In need of a bite!

    No burgers please! Just grab a grilled chicken ( ask them to remove the skin ) and perhaps have a chicken roll instead?
    Simple fare?

    The humble egg sandwich, in which the egg can always be counted on for a healthy meal.

    After a long day of work.

    Use a slow cooker to cook up some stew so that when you come home, you are ready to eat! Hmmm, can you smell that hot steamy aroma of stew? Yum! For the spicy people, try curry instead. You can use yoghurt instead of coconut gravy if you want. You decide how long to lose baby weight if you want coconut gravy, ok?

    When friends are coming over for tea.

    Create scones or carrot cakes or wholemeal sandwiches with various different ingredients of egg, tuna, chicken. I’m getting hungry as we speak!

    When you want something cold and sweet.

    Use yoghurt or low fat ice cream. Have strawberries or banana to go along for packing a punch to your treat!

    Crave for Chocolate?

    Why not bite into dark chocolate? The nutrition is good and still gives you the chocolate satisfaction.

    Need more suggestions? Need a real good diet plan and workout to motivate you?

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